Brief Introduction

RELAX.COM aim to retain the love for life,
the reverence for tradition, and the respect for creativity.

We are one of the thousands of safety razor
practitioners, and we are also aspiring young people who care about the society
and the world.

RELAX.COM gathers supply chain,
manufacturing and market advantages, and is committed to providing the best
service and the most reasonable price to the global safety razor clients.

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The Value of Relaxtech Inc.

The Strength of Time-Honored Brands in The Beauty Industry

  • Flexibility

    We work closely with customers and make production plans according to their demands. We provide OEM manufacturing
    service and have complete control over the production process. For trial order
    below MOQ, we hold safe inventory to fulfill.

  • Efficiency

    Automated production lines ensure our stronger production capacity and shorter lead-time. We can produce 100K safety
    razors per month.

  • Quality

    We are ISO 9000 certified and conduct strict quality control. We guarantee to offer top quality and meet our customers’ specific requirements.

  • Pricing

    Advanced automated large-scale production
    has enabled us to successfully reduce costs. We offer our customers more competitive prices, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.

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  • Cost Control

    Through the introduction of automated production lines, staffing of various departments and streamlined inventory management, our company can support rapid response to orders and production capacity optimization.

  • Quality Control

    Years of mature technical team dedicated to process control and control point inspection is the key in Relaxtech Inc. The scrap rate can be controlled below 5%.

  • Benefit Management

    Promoting ordinary people to be engaged in extraordinary things. Whichis the huge internal driving force of the market between relaxtech and the end market.