Company Profile

Located in the most economically active region at south China, has sufficient advantages to rapidly expand our business.

We have a management team with decades of experience, matching automated production lines, and a number of stable and cooperative raw material suppliers, which allowing customers to achieve real peace of mind in terms of delivery time and quality.

The most important thing is that we have a very good lean production system, the workshop minimizes waste to achieve a significant price advantage, and also shares the pressure of promotion in their market for customers. is established to provide a platform for happy working, and also exists to send a touch of tenderness in morning skin care to people who love life around the world.

Relying on the advantages of the industrial chain and talents, we produce wide range of men's grooming products, mainly zinc/aluminum/brass/stainless steel double-edge razors, straight razors, shaving bowl, shaving brushes, shaving soap, and other razor accessories.

In near future, we will have wider category to including more men’s skin care products like facial mask, cleansing foam, body cream. Welcome to, welcome back to life nature. Company Structure 

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