We have clear and strict quanlity control plan during each process. The process quality control consists of five levels of quality control points, namely H, W, R, E and I, which are set in accordance with the Quality Plan of projects. The inspection of quality control points at all levels shall comply with the following provisions:

Point H: The suspension inspection point, referring to the control point where the customer requires suspending production and checking together with the quality inspector on site. The authorized personnel of site inspection shall sign the inspection record for confirmation before proceeding to the next procedure.
Point W: The witness point, referring to the control point designated by the customer to be notified to be present for witness and sign on the inspection record for confirmation. In case the designee fails to arrive on time as required by the notice, the production department may proceed with the work after self-inspection and the signature of other on-site inspectors.
Point R: The review point, referring to the control point where relevant documents and records should be reviewed and confirmed by the third-party inspection personnel or the personnel in charge of the quality system in addition to the operator’s self-inspection.
Point E: The inspection point, referring to the control point that should be checked and signed by the on-site quality inspector.
Point I: Random inspection point, referring to the control point to proceed to the next process after passing the self-inspection and mutual inspection by teams and groups, and relevant technical quality inspection personnel may verify compliance by spot check at any time.

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