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Relaxtech Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor blades FSR001

Double Edge Safety Razor blades FSR001

  • Razors and blades should be kept out reach of children. Handle with care
  • high-quality 13C26 stainless steel.
  • These blade's hardness have been tested at 62 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C) and their sharpness was a 0.9N on a standard REDS (Razor Edge Durability and Sharpness) test machine and 8mm-0112 section test media the blades were tested.
  • This adds up to a razor with high durability, and extra smoothness when shaving.
  • Avoid touching or wiping the blades as this may impair their performance or cause injury.
  • Disposal - For safety reasons always place used blades into a spare slot on the dispenser.
  • Product should be stored under clean, dry conditions.
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- List of Customer Reviews-

  • Mike Hancok

    Fantastic customers service I've never had with RELAXTECH. I am very impressed with the very fast delivery. I'll definitely repurchase. Buy with confidence.

  • Keith Keller

    I do like Relaxtech's Razor. My customers love to use their razors and they allow me to make my own logos. That's amazing.

  • Stefan Kimmlingen

    Me and my wife runs a beauty salon in Germany. All of our rezors are provided by Relaxrezor. I never make any review online. I do appreciate Fiona' s invitation of making reviews for their shop.

  • Leigh Clarke

    I still remember visiting their factory in 2018 and was greeted with great hospitality. I visited their production line and advanced production management process, and the mechanical automation impressed me so much that I finally chose to cooperate with RELAXTECH. 4 years passed, I've been proven right.